Fragility is often associated with being vulnerable and 2020 has shown all of us how fragile we can be. Let’s face it: the “wait and see” approach has come to an end!

They keep saying we need to be resistant and stay put with little or no movement in order to sail through the storm.

Individuals are now embracing a new normal with faster technology but at the same time, companies are forced to slow down in order to survive.

What if we can transform your enterprise that is not just hedging from crisis but benefit from the situation and…

After almost one year living in my resorts away from home, I am back in Hong Kong and did my quarantine!

Everyone complains about the quarantine, but for me, this was an overdue break that my brain was so longing for.

Since early 2018, my wife and I have opened two resorts in Koh Samui and Sicily– And our demanding full time jobs “on the side”. Yes, nomadism is a wonderful idea and the future way of living, but relaxation actually comes from within — paradoxical as it may sound — and I found my true holiday here on a…

On Remote Working. Impact on individuals, families, companies and society.

I used to own and run a rather large company and although I was the CEO, my employees would always look at me like I was a bit of a reckless bad boy.
Even more, the first time I brought up the idea of remote working, people around me were shocked. Everyone thought I was out of my mind that I would suggest to send staff to work-from-home when we could have them in full operation comfortably in the office.

Yes, comfortable for the management team to feel in control and to justify everyone’s salary. As a remote worker myself…

Digital Nomads is a term that is often associated with bloggers or web developers, but nomadic entrepreneurship is actually a broader concept that is adopted by many people of different background and occupations.

I’ve seen it first hand by running our two boutique hotels that appeal to this demographic.

For many years, my wife and I have dreamt of moving to different parts of the world. I have been an investor, financier and entrepreneur all my life, I founded several companies, exited some, mentored others and try to stay constantly active in the world of global business. I carry…

How to get humbled, guided and finally win with the right metrics.

As an investor and advisor, I get to meet a lot of startups on a regular basis. I get to see their numbers and presentations, often a big stack of information such as pageviews, social media followers, total downloads, running total of customers etc. What I call “ego-metrics”.

My first question to them is: Can these metrics lead to a course of action or inform a business decision?

There is a concept called “Innovation Accounting” in lean startup, and it also applies to traditional companies. Metrics should guide…

What is thunder-scaling and why is it the only way to success and survivorship?

Thunder-scaling is an aggressive approach to grow a startup. The founder needs to treat his company like a body and a brain, and feeds both organs well to foster longevity. The body must be strong, agile and should fear no risk.

Thunder-scaling is the evolution of blitz scaling. It means an exponential, aggressive and sustainable business growth — although not in that order but it’s at the same time. In nature, thunders are usually preceded by lightning. …

Startup valuation is sometimes seen as an art more than a scientific effort. It can come with many variables and assumptions, but this activity is extremely important for startups to fully understand what their companies are worth, now and in the future,

Startup valuation is an important starting point

Valuation matters to entrepreneurs because it determines the share of the company that they have to give away to an investor in exchange for money. When the company is starting out, its value is close to zero, but the valuation can be a lot higher than that. Why?

Let’s use a…

Digital Darwinism has forced companies to quickly adapt to consumer behaviours which are evolving faster than ever. Many brands are facing extinction every day because they don’t pivot their business fast enough to meet their consumer needs, other competitors cut in and offer a better, faster service.

Back in the days we considered great brands the ones that you saw a lot on TV or even the radio, repeating a quirky tagline or a jingle that stick in your head. When I was young, we used to sing the commercial tune from the iconic sofa shop Mondo Convenienza or the…

Not all companies need a Venture Capitalist (VC), there are businesses suitable for VC and others that are not — it doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. If you prefer to bootstrap and not rely on others, that’s perfectly fine too.

How much money do you have and where does it come from? You may be lucky with your parents and a couple of friends giving you their family or friend capital. If you don’t, or you don’t have enough, then the game becomes harder with Business Angels (the professional ones) and, ultimately, the VC.

If you…

The COVID pandemic has created the online fear of missing out (FOMO) phenomenal where there is an urgency to digitalize any business. Everyone is rushing to jump into the online boat — a great thing to happen but we also need to be careful not to lose focus.

Ever since the lockdowns around the world have started, there is a surge on all things online — from services like food deliveries and fitness classes, to remote working (which I am a fan of) and video conferencing, to an explosion content creation on social media bringing human interaction to next…

Stefano Passarello

Serial Entrepreneur. Angel Investor. Public Speaker. Multisport Athlete. /ironCEO

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